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LOB: Variable Life III
Contract #: 004107500
Inforce agency code: 999
Insured name: JANE DOE
Policy status: Premium Paying
Contract Information Before
As of: 03/24/1999
Base policy face amount: 205,737.00
Base policy issue age: 46
*Fund account balance: 8,547.58
Loan amount: 0.00
Cost basis: 10,192.49
Cash surrender value: 8,547.58
Gain: 0.00
Material change date: 05/24/1996
Current 7-pay year: 3
MEC status: None
Excess amount paid: 0.00
Excess removal date:
Total 7-pay premium: 25,133.23
7-pay premium for death benefit: 25,133.23
7-pay premium QAB credit: 0.00
7-pay premium substandard credit: 0.00
Maximum necessary premium: 88,740.83
Maximum necessary premium is estimated: No
Accumulated 7-pay premium: 75,399.69
Accumulated amounts paid: 10,192.49
Cumulative 7-pay premium margin: 65,207.20
Applicable tax code: Current US
Applicable DEFRA test: Guideline
DEFRA test failed: No
Guideline single premium: 102,911.36
Accumulated guideline level: 91,904.83
Premiums paid for guideline: 10,192.49
Current year guideline premium margin: 92,718.87
Excess guideline amount paid: 0.00
Corridor death benefit: 0.00
Tax reporting year: 1999
Taxable gain amount YTD: 0.00
1035 cash value carryover: 0.00
1035 cost basis carryover: 0.00
Transaction type:
*Fund Account Balance represents values as of 03/24/1999.
This does not reflect actual values as of the transaction date due to fund performance.

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