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The KCI Tax ServerTM system is an insurance software service / framework that provides individual policyholder tax compliance for the life insurance industry. This object oriented software component, written in Java, connects to other systems, like policy administrative systems, to provide automated tax compliance. 

Along with ensuring regulatory compliance, the KCI Tax Server’s sophisticated, precise tax processing provides additional policyholder benefits.  Policyholder service is enhanced by being able to provide accurate and immediate answers to policyholder inquiries.  Accurate funding limit computations may encourage additional policy investment.

As part of a strategic, message-based tax service oriented architecture (SOA), the KCI Tax ServerTM system provides the solution to incorporating complex tax testing requirements into legacy systems. As a single source of tax law interpretation, the KCI Tax ServerTM system provides a reusable component for multiple systems and is consistent with a component-based legacy transition strategy.

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 The patented object oriented design facilitates the introduction of new insurance products and modification of tax interpretations.  Product support for variable, universal, and traditional life insurance and associated riders. Tax functionality includes Internal Revenue Code Sections 72(e) (taxable gain/cost basis), 7702 (definition of life insurance -- CVAT, Guideline), 7702A (TAMRA / MEC testing), and 1035 exchanges.  Transaction support for all significant tax events (e.g. premium payments, partial surrenders, loans, contract changes, etc.).  Includes Long Term Care rider enhancements as specified in the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

The KCI Tax ServerTM system is available in on any of the supported platforms, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and MVS.  It is compatible with middleware solutions, like IBM MQSeries®.  U.S. Patent Number 6064983 – System for performing tax computations.  In insurance company production environments, the KCI Tax ServerTM has processed millions of transactions, to date.

The KCI Tax ServerTM system includes:

Skills transfer, training, and mentoring are also available. 

The KCI Tax ServerTM system is built by Koehler Consulting, Inc., a recognized leader in providing component based solutions to the insurance industry.

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Koehler Consulting, Inc.
Holliston, Massachusetts
Phone: 1-508-429-1589


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Last updated: December 29, 2017