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The KCI Tax AdapterTM is a distributed software component that connects existing insurance policy administrative systems to the KCI Tax ServerTM system. This object oriented subsystem manages tax related insurance policy information and requests between the administrative system and the KCI Tax Server.

This subsystem is useful for customers that do not wish to enhance their existing systems to add significant amounts of tax related data or support complex interactions required by tax processing.

The KCI Tax Adapter system supports a real-time connection, thereby allowing for proactive response to tax information, such as:


 C++ object oriented construction (portable to Java)

 Provides an optional COBOL entry point, allowing a direct "call" from existing COBOL programs

 Distributed connectivity:

 Relational database:


Design & Source Code Option:

The Design & Source Code option includes:

Skills transfer, training, and mentoring are also available.


The KCI Tax AdapterTM and the KCI Tax ServerTM systems are built by Koehler Consulting, Inc., a recognized leader in providing component based solutions to the insurance industry.

Koehler Consulting, Inc.
Holliston, Massachusetts
Phone: 1-508-429-1589
E-mail: info3@koehlerconsult.com

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Last updated: December 29, 2017