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Along with our consulting and integration services, KCI offers several regulatory compliance, component-based software solutions for the life insurance industry.  These insurance business components provide practical business results from innovative techniques.  They have resulted from a combination of our advanced technology and subject matter (life insurance / taxation) expertise.  These products were developed for a large U.S. large insurance company and are all currently in production use.

Our solutions generally require customization for a particular insurance company’s environment.  We will sell our solutions in a manner suitable for your needs.  We are open to a variety of arrangements, including the full transfer of intellectual property and source code.

Solution Summary

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KCI Tax ServerTM

The KCI Tax ServerTM system is an insurance software calculation engine that provides the rules and calculations for individual policyholder tax compliance for the life insurance industry.  The innovative architecture and design of this product has been awarded a U.S. patent.  Fact sheet.  Functionality checklist.

KCI Tax AdapterTM

The KCI Tax AdapterTM is a distributed software component that connects existing insurance policy administrative systems to the KCI Tax ServerTM software service. Consistent with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), this object oriented system manages a tax database and requests between the administrative system and the KCI Tax Server calculation engine.

KCI Tax WorkstationTM

The KCI Tax WorkstationTM system is a web browser-based application for performing inquiries and tax quotations on life insurance policies. It connects to administrative source systems to provide real-time policy information over the intranet or internet.  This allows insurance companies to provide timely, accurate advice to their policyholders.  Demonstration

KCI Tax InterpretationTM

The KCI Tax InterpretationTM is a 275+ page business specification detailing methods & calculations for providing tax testing for life insurance contracts. Product support for variable, universal, and traditional life insurance and associated riders. Tax functionality includes Internal Revenue Code Sections 72(e) (taxable gain/cost basis), 7702 (definition of life insurance – Cash value accumulation testing, Guideline premium testing), 7702A (TAMRA / MEC, 7-Pay, Necessary Premium testing, Material Change testing, etc.), and 1035 exchanges. Transaction support for all significant tax events (e.g. premium payments, partial surrenders, loans, contract changes, etc.).  Click here for table of contents.  Click here for a sample section of the document.  We will license this material on an Enterprise license basis or as individual books.  Contact us for pricing details.



Inventory of KCI Tax Server assets

A list of all KCI Tax Server assets that make up the KCI Tax Server insurance tax compliance solution.



Documentation Samples

KCI Tax Interpretation Table of Contents (pdf)

KCI Tax Interpretation Sample (pdf)

Tax Adapter Interface Definition Example (pdf)

Tax Adapter Request Message excerpt (call or email)

Tax Adapter Reply Message.xml  Example -- XML based

Tax Adapter Reply Message Example (pdf)

Tax Server Functionality Checklist (pdf)

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