Koehler Consulting, Inc. (KCI) is an information technology consulting company in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area.  We assist clients with developing and integrating business application software solutions. We specialize in service oriented architectures (SOA), software design, XML design and other innovative technologies to enable distributed, integrated, enterprise-wide system solutions for the insurance and financial services industries. 

KCI was formed in 1990.  KCI has considerable experience with many life insurance policy administration systems and policy tax compliance administration with many large life insurance companies.  KCI has extensive subject matter expertise with Internal Revenue Code Sections 72(e), 7702, and 7702A.  KCI markets several products in the life insurance tax compliance area, including the KCI Tax Interpretation and the KCI Tax Server policyholder tax administration system.

KCI works collaboratively with our clients’ teams and vendor/outsourcing partners.

To Contact Us:

Koehler Consulting, Inc.
Holliston, Massachusetts
Phone: 508-429-1589
E-mail: info4@koehlerconsult.com

** New – see our new article in the Society of Actuaries’ Taxing Times publication.