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 Speaking Engagements

  "Essential Enterprise Architecture" at Connecticut Object Oriented Users Group (COOUG) May 2004 - Hartford.

Meeting Flyer. Read a review of the meeting.

  "Enterprise Application Integration The Reality" at Integrate 2003 September 2003 - Boston.

  "Developing Business Frameworks" Scott Koehler, Object Expo - March, 1998 - New York City.

 "Connecting to Business Objects." Object Expo, March, 1998 - New York City.

 "Vertical Industry Frameworks" Scott Koehler at Connecticut Object Oriented Users Group (COOUG) - December, 1997.

Review of the presentation.

 "Components for Cash: Vertical Industry Components and Frameworks" Scott Koehler, Object World - July, 1997 - San Francisco.

 "Introduction to Business Objects" Scott Koehler, Object World - March, 1997 - Boston.


 "Tracking the Flow of Money in a Life Insurance Policy to Compute Cost Basis and Distributions" Scott Koehler. Society of Actuaries, Taxing Times, October, 2017.

 "Discovering and Harnessing Business Objects" S. Koehler. Object Insider, January, 1995.

 "Bridging a business gap" S. Koehler. Computerworld, April 25, 1994.

 "Object illusions" S. Koehler. Computerworld, November 15, 1993.

 "How to handle objects" S. Koehler. Computerworld, September 20, 1993.

 "Anatomy of an object" S. Koehler. Computerworld, July 12, 1993.

 "The scoop on OOP" S. Koehler. Computerworld, February 8, 1993.

 "Objects in Insurance. Gaining the Competitive Edge in Financial Services" S. Koehler. Object Magazine, July/August 1992.

 "Objectifying Mainstream Business Applications" S. Koehler. First Class Magazine - The Object Management Group, June 1992.


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